Starting from Scratch

What a perfect place to begin a great presentation

We sit down with you to discuss the goals of the presentation and to extract the essence of what you want the audience to remember. We then create a story and design, including layout, colours and images to match your existing branding. 

Image descriptions:

A complete overhaul of the Liquorland franchisee promotional material. We wanted to highlight their vibrant culture by using bright colours, speech bubbles, lines and large text. None of the slides adhere to a set template but all have the same font and colour scheme to tie them together. The presentation was sent as a video as well as a PowerPoint slide deck.

A minimal approach to a sales pitch deck, we used strong white text, large images and colour tones to tie the slides together visually. 

See examples of how we can makeover your presentationvisualise your data or take a look at our marketing material or logo design.