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We love meeting new people and adore working with those who come back to us for more ideas to help them achieve goals for their stores. These are a few of our recent projects.


Wine Tag to promote Social Media 

Northcross wanted to promote their Facebook and Instagram social media accounts and asked us to create a business card to sit on the front counter.

We went away and thought about some ideas to make it stand out more. "How about a wine tag that could sit on bottles around the store and also be used as a talking topic at point of sale when one of your friendly staff would pop it over a bottle?"

It was a little more pricey to print but the overall effect seeing them on bottles around the store is something that couldn't have been achieved with just a business card. 


Howick needed to update the ad in the local RSA handbook. They sent us the (before) ad that was placed last year.

After analysing the goals of the ad we felt it was best to highlight what would be important to the RSA members - 5% off! The next thing to highlight was the map and a photo of the store which would help people recognise it.

The ad still has the same information, but by changing the sizes and adding colour, we can point the viewer to the important areas and make it look bright and inviting.

Discount Cards

Riccarton wanted to give LAWSOC members a generous discount for the year and needed 800 cards to give out that were difficult to copy. 

We added a super-glossy section to the card that staff can check to make sure each card is the real thing. We also added some shadows to help layer the shapes and a detailed photo to make it bright and relate to students.

These cards are a great way for members to show off their card and for you to spread good will as well as having customers return again and again.


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Just let us know what you need. If it's an ad we need the products and price points with some idea of wording. We will do everything else - search for images, create a map (if it's required), create your store logo, work out some great wording and make the ad, all ready for you to check. We can even send it to the publication for you.

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